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Stellar Stevia Gold (Pack of 5000 Grams)


  • 100% Natural Sweetener
  • No Calories
  • No Chemicals
  • No Bitterness
  • Anti-Oxidant Property
  • A great alternative to artificial sugar-free
  • Potential alternative to off-the-shelf anti-diabe


  • Product Form : Crystals
  • Quantity : 150 gm
  • Container Type : Jar
  • Key Ingredient : Sucrose, Stevia exctract Reb-A97%
  • Uses : Ideal for Diabetes, elderly children, obese, Health consious
  • Direction for use/Dosage : 1 pinch (0.75 gms) equals 1 teaspoon of sugar (4gms) in sweetness

Product Description

Stevia is a Natural sugar substitute obtained from the leaves of the Stevia Plant. It is 300 times sweeter than sugar and has added benefit of being mineral rich with anti-oxidant properties. Stellar Gold is specially processed to give a clean sweet taste unlike any other stevia brand. Stellar Gold is a blend of stevia extract and sucrose to make it easy to measure and use. Use it exactly like sugar, cook, bake, caramelise, freeze or make hot or cold beverages with Stellar Gold Stevia Sweetnener.

Therapeutic benefits beyond sweetness

Apart from being a great alternative to regular sugar and artificial sugar free it is a potential alternative to off-the-shel anti-diabetic drugs. Research data suggests stevia has the potential to end insulin resistance and diabetes. 

0.75gm of stevia is equal to 1 teaspoon (4 gms) of sugar. i.e. a ratio of 3 : 16.


Stellar Stevia Gold (5000 gm)

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