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Stellar Chai Instant Tea Premix with Stevia Sweetener

  • TASTES JUST LIKE HOMEMADE CHAI - This Instant Tea Premix makes the perfect cup of Indian Chai ,tasting just like the Indian homemade chai.This Chai Premix is made with natural tea extract and sweetened with STELLAR STEVIA natural sweetener. This tea is without added sugar and is perfect those who avoid sugar.
  • SIP-IT-FRESH EVERY TIME- Individually sealed to preserve the flavor, fragrance, & color of the Instant Premix, resulting in an appetizing cup of tea.
  • ON THE GO INSTANT HOT CHAI -ANYTIME , ANYWHERE - Enjoy this refreshing blend of tea anytime of the day and anytime of the year. As it can be prepared so easily, this Instant Tea Premix can be relished anywhere, at home, work, or while traveling without any mess or difficulty. All you need is a cup of hot water. Individual packages with FREE Paper cups and stirrer make it further convenient to carry and easy to prepare.
  • GREAT TASTE AND AROMA - Our Instant Premix Chai is aromatic and distinctive with the sweet notes of STELLAR STEVIA sweetener.
  • NO STEEPING, NO BREWING & NO SUGAR- Simply add one sachet of Tea Premix to 150 ml hot water (80°C) , stir, sip, and enjoy the comforting taste of traditional Indian chai.

A warm cup of tea or coffee, is most satisfying. Stellar chai / Stellar Coffee premix has the goodness of great tasting tea / coffee with the calorie free sweetness of Stellar Stevia.


Nature is believed to hold secrets to a life of health and well being. STEAVIA herb is a testimony to this fact . STEAVIA premix is 100% natural instant beverage sweetened with zero calorie natural sweetener stevia. An exotic blend of black tea extract, milk stevia sweetener and natural flavour to give you a soothing experience and taste without worrying about sugar calories.

 Increases metabolism.

  • Rich in antioxidant and prevents aging.
  • Acts as immune-modulator for the human body.
  • Helps to distress and soothes and calms your system.
  • Pack of 10 premix sachets individually packed with FREE 10 Paper cups and 10 stirrers.

Stellar Chai Instant Tea Premix with Stevia Sweetener

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