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KUT Low glucose load sugar 300 gm


  • It's Natural (No artificial substances)
  • It's sweeter (Powered with stevia)
  • It's Lighter (75% lesser quantity used)
  • KUT sugar - Fill your HEART with sweetness Not Yo


  • Product Form: Crystals
  • Quantity: 300 gm
  • Container Type: Bottle
  • Key Ingredient: Sugar, Stevia extract Reb-A 97%, Chicory root extract
  • Uses: Ideal For the health-conscious people trying to reduce sugar intake
  • Direction for use/Dosage : 1/4 spoon = 1 teaspoon Sugar

Product Description

In todays life its not just the diabetic people who have to worry about loading up on calories instead of nourishing food.WHO dietary guidelines, ADA as well as AHA all agree that consumption of sugar needs to be cut to at least half of what it is today for the average person.

KUT sugar a revolution in the way we look at sugar!!!

NOw sugar turns sweeter - powered with the anti-oxidant and light sweetness of Stevia!! Are you still stuck with the low sweetness sugar Be Naturally Smart!!

KUT Low glucose load sugar 500 gm

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