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Clear Taste  Clear Taste

Mycotechnology's organic, non-GMO certified ClearTaste powder is derived from mushroom mycellium, and has been shown to block bitter and astringent notes from stevia

Stellar Stevia from PreetiKaya Lifestyle Solutions is the only product in India that uses ClearTaste treated stevia
Mycotech CEO Alan Hahn says "ClearTaste is natural, where as most bitter blockers are chemical based"
Mother nature has her own way to ensure food tastes good. Enzymes from the growing mycellium of certain edible mushrooms have the ability to miraculously reduce the bitterness of stevia and remove the liquorice aftertaste to make it deliciously light and sweet.

Treating stevia with mycozymes ensures that no artificial (man-made) bitter blockers or bitter maskers are required to make stevia delicious.
When mother nature develops your food, you know it is safe. ClearTaste stevia is safe for all ages and in all types of food, acidic/basic, hot/cold, Oriental / Continental.

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