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Established in the year 2014, we, Preetikaya Lifestyle Solutions Pvt. Ltd., are engaged in manufacturing, importing, exporting, wholesaling and retailing of Sweetener Tabs, Sweetener Powder and Sweetener Sachets. We manufacture these products under the brand name Stellar. In today's world of technology advancement, our body often fights the ravages of chemicals and synthetic products. PreetiKaya strives to make life more beautiful and joyful with small changes that can make a dramatic difference to your life.

Sweet is the only taste we eat in an unbalanced quantities. Chemical sweeteners have their own safety issues, and the natural Stevia products usually have a distinct aftertaste and bitterness. Stellar Divine is a specially processed extract of Stevia - Rebaudioside-A 97% which is further processed by a Non-GMO completely natural process to produce a Divine sweetness devoid of bitterness.

Just change to - Steller Stevia - Kut sugar - sugarfree - natural sweetener instead of ordinary sugar and see your daily calorie consumption plummet. Need more, keep a watch for the Stellar logo or the words "Divine Taste" on any marketed foods pack. Stellar logo means the product has significantly lesser calories from added sugar, and does not contain any chemicals for sweetness.

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